The Steps of Improving Credit

How does Flawless Credit Score Repair Your Credit?

Nothing is worse than feeling like things are out of your control. This is where Flawless Credit Score helps! We not only manage your credit score but our end goal is to help you gain the upper hand. Flawless Credit Score does this by working with the credit bureaus to ensure that all information being reported is correct, verified and relevant to your score. We follow our step by step crystal standard to guarantee the best outcome with your creditors.


Upon initial sign up, we will help you get your most recent credit report from the 3 credit bureaus. Flawless Credit Score will review your credit report with you and target the areas that need improvement or need to be disputed further. This step is one of the most crucial parts of this entire process. We make sure that everything is crystal clear and understood in full detail before moving forward. It is important to check your reports and discuss and devise a plan to tackle your goals.


Flawless Credit Score will then directly work with creditors and create an agreement that suits both parties. It is essential to have a credit repair specialist to help you through this process. After the initial conversation with the creditors, Flawless will next speak directly to credit bureaus to ensure the correct changes have been made to your report. Our crystal standard is to push away the mess on your reports and make it clear! Leave it to the professionals to help you gain control.


Flawless Credit Score will walk you through this entire process step by step and our dedicated Credit Repair Specialist is always a phone call away.  As changes begin to take place you will be able to speak with your account manager directly and have a log in to track your credit report movement. Flawless Credit Score guarantees 20-40 points within the first 3 months! Let us help you get to your goal faster and work with a Credit Repair Specialist today!