What Our Credit Repair Service Entails

The Flawless Advantage – Credit Repair Specialists that Deliver

When hiring our credit repair company, you are working with credit report specialist that has experience and knowledge to help you. Any dispute is handled directly through our Credit Report Specialist team and forces the agencies to take action.

Flawless Credit Score is a knowledgeable team of real people that are hard working to take on the credit bureaus. We are highly trained and deal with the headache of agencies directly for you. We have studied and maintain our certifications in debt collecting, credit reporting and credit transactions. Flawless Credit Score is here to deliver only the best to our clients.

Experience how Flawless Credit Score can help change your life with thousands of clients helped with monthly disputes and direct letters to banks and lenders, do not wait any longer and take advantage of our credit repair. Offering every client a change in their credit score! Collection agencies can be pesky but now with Flawless Credit Score can help you get ahead on your late payments and overcharges on your credit score.

Flawless Credit Score is a credit repair company that is experienced in helping you gain the best credit score for you. Let us help you today and handle all bank disputes, letters to banks and deliver the best. Don’t stress over garnished wages, late payments and tax liens let Flawless Credit Score get your money where it needs to be! Call us today and start your future!


Common Credit Report Issues

  • garnished wages
  • late payments
  • foreclosures
  • overcharges
  • judgments
  • repossessions
  • collections
  • bankruptcies
  • tax liens


Our Flawless Credit Score Standard

  • Accurate Handling of Credit Disputes
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Helping Clients All Across the Country Every Day
  • Experienced Team
  • The Crystal Standard in Credit Repair
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Letters Sent Directly to Banks & Lenders
  • Debt Confirmation Letters
  • A Dedicated Credit Coach to Educate and Keep You Informed of the Current Status


Our Credit Repair Services

Flawless Credit Score is the only company working for you and delivering real results. All of our Credit Repair Specialists are trained and knowledgeable when working with your money. Our services are part of our crystal standard method. If you can have a crystal clear credit report, would you? Don’t let discrepancies get in the way any longer and let Flawless Credit Score help.

Dedicated Credit Coach

You will be appointed a dedicated credit repair specialist who will work hand and hand with you to understand your financial position. Then the dedicated credit repair specialist will devise a strategy that is customized for each individual to repair your credit score.

Items Disputed Up Front

Flawless Credit Score is dedicated to you and handling all dispute matters. Our strategy consists of talking to the banks, lenders and collection agencies directly. We will have those negative comments removed from your credit report.

Debt Confirmation Letters

Flawless Credit Score sends your collection companies a notice that they are not legally allowed to collect money owed from you under a series of laws.

Handling of Monthly Disputes

Flawless Credit Score will stay on top of handling your monthly disputes. Once the items are disputed first then follow up strategies will take place.

No Long Term Contracts – Cancel At Any Time

We strive to be an educational partner in helping you on the path of financial freedom afforded to you by having good credit. We don’t believe in locking clients up in long term contracts – you can cancel any time you want, without any hoops to jump through. Besides this may have been one of the reasons this whole mess even started. Most clients stay for six months – enough time to clear out inaccurate credit items, improve your credit score and most importantly learn the proper habits for maintaining credit health some stay for years, allows us enough time to repair your credit from start to finish and you can stay as long as you like!